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This is the next generation of Rako products

Rako pride themselves in developing state-of-the-art products that provide pioneering solutions for a diverse range of applications. We facilitate our residential customers with the ability to create luxurious smart homes, whilst also giving businesses tools to create the right atmosphere and environment for their customers.

We continually develop and evolve our range. These are our latest innovations:

Modular Keypad

This keypad enables a vast array of button configurations utilising its innovative multiple button sizes. Choose from nine popular button layouts or create custom button engraving and layouts using our Plate Designer tool.

9 plate finish surrounds available plus black or white buttons

Screwless finish

Available as a wired and wireless unit

Customisable with a large variety of button configurations

Discover Modular

Discover Modular

EOS Keypad

Featuring flush buttons in the plate finish, this stylish minimal design comes with the ability to customise layout and button labels.

7 standard plate finishes available

Screwless finish

Available as a wired and wireless unit


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Screwless finish

The Hub

This is the brains behind any smart home – it’s the central device that talks to everything else. The Hub replaces previous interfaces that were a little less pretty on the eye and can be free standing or wall mounted.

Built-in cloud services

Connects to wired and wireless systems

Supports system growth and new devices

Easy to set up

Explore the Hub

Explore the Hub


Preview our selection of standard and custom plate finishes

Plate Finishes


Visit our all collections to shop button legends and layouts

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