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House of Jaques

Project Location: Reigate, Surrey

Project Background Brief

A complete self-build and design, this was always going to be a forever home so everything had to be perfect. With a three year delay in planning, this enabled the client to think carefully and scour the market for the very best fixtures and fittings.

The lighting design within this property is intricate, yet completely hidden with subtle effects – the client describes that whilst the lighting isn’t always noticeable, its effects are felt. This complexity could not exist without excellent lighting control – the ‘brains’ of the system.

Client's Favourite Features

“There are three areas of the build that still impress me and make me happy every single day;

1. The brickwork – Flemish, with closers is an absolute art and took a very long time to complete.

2. The tiling – Absolutely no beading and only stone/marble were used with every single join mitre cut and resin joined. It’s a work of art and took forever.

3. The lighting! Without doubt the single life changing feature of the house. It affects your emotions and mood every day. Light therapy is a medically proven thing, so why on earth people don’t focus on the lights that affect them is beyond me.”

House of Jaques | RAKOCONTROLS
House of Jaques | RAKOCONTROLS

Particular Challenges

There were many challenges during the build but none so far as Rako was concerned. The Bocci hanging lights in the dining room proved a little tricky as the client wanted them to suspend without a mounting plate but the experts overcame this challenge and made it look incredibly easy.

Rako's wireless flexibility proved very handy when expanding the system to include additional circuits for outdoor lighting and when the electrician forgot a cable!

Client Testimonial

“How do you comment on a system that exists without you thinking about it?

It is 100% reliable!! In the three years I have lived in my house there has not been one single issue. Not one component failure, not one crash, nothing. It is faultless.

The switches look great, the interface is beautiful and I felt it was exceptional value for what was offered.”

House of Jaques | RAKOCONTROLS
House of Jaques | RAKOCONTROLS
House of Jaques | RAKOCONTROLS

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