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An in-line RF 45w constant current dimming LED driver.

A 45W constant current LED dimmer with in-built RF receiver and Rako processor for constant current LED fittings. Selectable outputs of 350, 500, 600, 700 and 1000mA with a forward voltage range of 3-45V DC. The RLED45CC1 is fed from a suitable DC power supply to provide an adequate forward voltage, Rako recommends the RAPSU48.

The module is connected in-line before the first fitting and can control up to 13 LEDs in series (note: some fittings may use multiple LEDs, if in doubt refer to Rako's technical department) with a maximum wattage of 45W.

Controlled from any Rako Rakom device, e.g. RCM wall plates or Bridge interface units.