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Shrikant Ramesh

Project Location: Bengaluru

Project Background Brief

The interior designer and lighting designer working on this project suggested the client should go for a lighting control system across the property to create the perfect ambience for all occasions and at any time of the day.


The client had already planned to go ahead with normal switches for control and most of the cabling and conduit was finished in a conventional way. The older generation of family members wanted to stick with conventional switches with an option for dimming, whilst younger family members were keen for some automation.


This scenario called for a sophisticated and advanced lighting control system that would cater for the various lighting types installed, enable automation using the existing cabling whilst retaining conventional switch control and manual operation for the older family members.

Shrikant Ramesh | RAKOCONTROLS
Shrikant Ramesh | RAKOCONTROLS

Particular Challenges

The challenge was to satisfy both the older generation of family members who were not pro-automation, preferring regular mechanical switches and the younger generation of family members who desire the 'best in class' in latest technological advancements in home automation.

Rako's solution provided ease of automation to control mood lighting, lighting scenes, remote control and scheduling to create a different ambience for every occasion.


Favourite Project Features

The Synergy was achieved using Rako’s wireless technology which can be retrofitted whilst still providing normal mechanical switches for on/off control of all lights. The smartphone app provides simple control for creating different scene functions, dimming, as well as on/off controls, therefore providing the best of both worlds by satisfying the tech savvy family members and their parents.

Shading solutions were supplied with Somfy motorised curtain motors.


Shrikant Ramesh | RAKOCONTROLS
Shrikant Ramesh | RAKOCONTROLS
Shrikant Ramesh | RAKOCONTROLS
Shrikant Ramesh | RAKOCONTROLS

Project Team

  • Audio Visual/Custom Installer: Vynet Automation PVT. Ltd , Vynet.co.in



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