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SuzyQ by 1522

Project Location: Bengaluru

Project Background Brief

The client had issues dimming all the lights at this venue with a previously installed lighting control system. This meant that they were only able to achieve partial dimming with control of just a few lighting circuits.

The majority of the internal and exterior LED lights were not able to dim so the client was prevented from creating the perfect ambience of lighting.

Using Rako Controls lighting solutions, Vynet Automation were able to achieve dimming and control of all types of the latest LED lamps providing mood lighting to suit any guest preference.

Favourite Project Features

Rako's retrofit wireless lighting system did the magic here by providing simple, fast and seamless dimming control in an already fully functional restaurant, without hampering its normal working operation.

Installers from Vynet Automation were able to successfully complete the total installation commissioning and programming of the dimming automation system in just four hours - much to the satisfaction of the client.

Why Rako?

Rako's wireless product range was the perfect solution to provide lighting control, smooth dimming and the perfect ambience for this setting.

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