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A 300W leadng edge pluggable module for use with RAK8-MB that is suitable for dimming tungsten, low voltage halogens and other leading edge dimmable loads.

The WML-300 is plugged directly into the RAK8-MB board and can be used in combination with any of the other modules compatible with the RAK8-MB allowing for greater flexibility. The WML-300 is compatible with all leading edge dimmable loads such as incandescent mains voltage lamps, leading edge dimmable transformers and leading edge dimmable cold cathode fittings.

As with all RAK8 pluggable modules no memory is stored on the WML-300, all programming is stored on the motherboard meaning that the WML-300 can be swapped with any other module without the need to be reprogrammed.

Programmed using RASOFT Pro software, the unit can be used seamlessly with other Rako modules such as RML and RMT in-line dimmers and controlled from RCM & WCM keypads, remotes, tablets and smartphone apps.